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The land was already called Mesovounia, it means in between the hills. 

Mesovounia was here way before any of us and will continue to be here long after we have gone. The farm oozes history, from the magnificent old growth olive trees, with some at least 500 years old, to the old stone walls supporting each terrace, and the traditional ancient bee hives in the walls. The land surrounding Mesovounia is wild, with many native trees, hills sides full of herbs, wild grasses, and wildlife.


Before we got the land in December 2020, Mesovounia was home to many grazing farm animals, goats, sheep and cows. In their numbers they exceeded the amount that the land could support and sustain causing the ground to degrade. Not to mention the many years of tilling the land, showing visible scars. 


We believe with the right rotation system in place, we can provide a forever home for a number of mistreated/neglected farm animals who can help assist us on the land, grazing invasive species and spreading valuable manure to the existing trees helping to restore the soil quality.

Since September 2021 we are an official Civil Non-Profit organisation (AMKE), our number is: 997806934

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We couldn’t start this page without telling a little about the start of this journey and our reason to start this adventure. 


Mesovounia started because we both had a passion for cooking plant-based, animals and nature, and thought this was a great way to combine the things that we love and makes us happy.

In 2020, it was decided that Paros, where Kim's family have a family house, was the perfect place to live. Which a big part was influenced with the people that live on this island, there is a lot going on and very international. Plus there is already a big community of people practising the farming technique called Permaculture. 

We found this land, central in between the 3 major towns, in a small traditional village called Kostos. We loved that the land is secluded, you don’t see neighbours but you are only a few minutes away, walking distance, from the centre of Kostos that has a small choice of 4 taverna’s and 1 traditional cafe. Mesovounia was already the name of the land, because it is located in between the hills, which is also the

meaning of the name. 

The place is 15.000sqm and has already many established trees on it. We want to next to regenerate the land, also home as many farm animals as possible and give them a safe haven to find sanctuary.


Although Mesovounia started with an ex-partner, Kim is now fully managing Mesovounia on her own, with the help of some dear friends and a very supporting community. 

We would love for you to join us on our journey. 




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