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The Sanctuary

''Sanctuary is a place, a mission, a way of life, a state of being''

At Mesovounia our challenge is to find the balance between the sanctuary and our regeneration project. We plan on homing a number of neglected farm animals by providing them with a safe home, lots of love and tummies that are always full of dinner. Our animals will also be assisting us on the farm. Our vision is to have a number of different pastures, allowing us to rotate the animals around the farm, which will help us control invasive plants as the animals will graze. Our birds will help with pest control as well as lightly tilling the land naturally. And let’s not forget about their priceless manure that will be spread all over Mesovounia providing rich nutrients to all of the microorganisms that keep our soil alive.


Treatment of scaly leg mites  

Some of our chickens and turkeys needed to be treated for scaly leg mites, so for 10 days we treated them with paraffin oil, every day for 30 seconds per feet. Which was a messy work, but what an amazing effect it has had on their feet. They slowly healed and the old scales fell off, and new scales became small and normal. We are happy that finally we were able to give them some relief of most likely some years or months of pain. Some of them, were walking with so much struggle and discomfort. It was horrible to see!


At the moment we have 75+ animals

Below are only a few of our beloved farmily members. At the moment we have 2 tortoises, 7 donkeys, 1 horse, 60+ chickens/ducks/turkeys, 1 goat, 4 dogs and 4 cats. But we have many more animals that we share the land with, such as the bees, butterflies, birds etc. 


Meet some of the Farmily

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